Aging and disease...are simply low cell voltage!

The PureWave Therapy stimulates the entire body with an energy wave that wraps around the whole body penetrating it completely, matching the low frequency energy waveform that the body produces Itself and runs on.

Dramatic immediate improvement at the flip of a switch where the body now has the high voltage energy charge needed In Its cells to regenerate and revitalize its own physiology.

A by product of this therapy has seen positive results in pain and inflammation conditions

Damaged, ill, or sick cells are recharged back to the high voltage level allowing the body to recover its own self-healing capabilities.

A daily 15-minute application vitalizes the body equal to a daily walk of 3 hours by simply sitting or lying on, or resting against the system pad surrounded in an electromagnetic therapy cocoon.

Effects last 6 to 8 hours and can be used at home on a daily basis to promote healing of the body.

Daily application of the therapy increases cell voltage by recharging the cells back to their optimal charge, dramatically improving the health of the cells in the body and normalizing cell physiology.

The patented resonance energy waveform fields penetrate the body and activates the ION Pumps in every cells membrane, improving absorption of oxygen, minerals, nutrients, and Including blood circulation and oxygen In the tissues.

Home Treatment

The Purewave home system kit includes the controller, a full body applicator, a small applicator field pad, and a carry case. The system can be extended with additional applicators.

The control unit is of high-quality workmanship in a simple design and made in Germany. Easy-to-clean surfaces, responsive keys and clear, easy-to-use controls make the control unit a high-quality and extremely reliable. The control unit is almost indestructible. Therefore, the purchase of a home system is a long-term investment that will continue to be serviced in decades to come.

The body mat and small pad cushions are designed for daily use for at least a decade in outdoor and indoor life, In addition has high resistance to breakage. The mat coils are distributed homogeneously not only at individual points but over the entire surface of the mat or cushion. The advantage of a homogeneously distributed coil is that it reaches each body area evenly in the same delivery dose. By eliminating the single coil technique eliminates the otherwise typical and uncomfortable body pressure points.

The quality and the workmanship of the insensitive silver-colored fabric is of the highest quality. All seams are sewn twice, resulting in high tear resistance. The body mat and the small pad can be rolled up without having to consider the technique inside the applicators. It is easy to clean the colorfast fabric with a damp cloth.

Everything stores away in the carrying bag. The entire home system, control unit including the two applicators (body mat and cushion) fits into the very high-quality carrying case. The bag is also made of tear-resistant material with double stitching. A circumferential flexible protection strip protects the seams from possible wear. Various reinforcements additionally protect the bag against wear.