UVLrx Treatment System

UVLrx Treatment System

Light is therapeutic - a fact that has been validated by countless clinical investigations conducted over decades. We know more about how light affects the human body than some of our more common pharmaceutical agents.

The delivery of light has assumed many forms: thermal light for tissue ablation; transdermal light for photobiomodulation of superficial subdermal tissue; extracorporeal light for blood irradiation.

Each delivery method serves a very specific function in medicine and has a strong clinical foundation. At the same time, each delivery method has well-defined therapeutic limitations.

For instance, extracorporeal light irradiation requires the removal of blood from the body for therapeutic light exposure before being returned to the body. Limitations become immediately apparent such as patient discomfort observing extraction of blood, a potentially unstable, heat-producing light source, foreign body response triggered, the necessary use of a prescription anti-coagulant, and only approximately 5% of the blood can be treated.

UVLrx Treatment Systemâ„¢ is intravenous light therapy delivered directly within a blood vessel, shining on all blood and blood-based components moving past the IV catheter. Key benefits emerge from the direct-to-blood intervention of the UVLrx Treatment Systemâ„¢.

First, integration into a standard IV catheter eases the burden of use. There is no need to initiate an additional catheter site to accommodate the treatment.

Second, there is no foreign body response as the blood remains within its natural environment.

Third, and most important, it is scientifically hypothesized that nearly 100% of a patient's total blood volume can receive a therapeutic dose of light, maximizing the health benefits.

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